Roof lights

Apr 10, 2013 | Blog

Velux roof lights are perhaps the world’s best-known brand of roof windows or skylights – their popularity is enormous and, as people choose to move ‘up’ rather than ‘out’, their popularity continues to grow.

Roof windows bring beautiful natural light in and can transform a dark, small space into something that feels and looks much bigger and brighter. Because of their ability to light a room so well (remember, they point directly at the sky) roof windows are often used in loft and attic conversions.

Velux windows are generally more durable than normal roof windows and they have some added bonus features that make them the first choice for most roofers. Thermal and acoustic insulation is provided by toughened double glazing and a unique gasket system stops any condensation from forming on the outside of the windows. Velux windows open on a centre pivot making them easy to clean.  For more information please contact Pickles Bros Limited Tel: (0113) 2752620.