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Look through our range of domestic and commercial roofing services.

Flat Roof Systems

Flat roofs are often criticised for being short lived and prone to leakage. In fact this is not the case if the roofing system has been correctly specified, installed and maintained. However when problems do arise it is essential that you choose a roofing company that has the specialist knowledge to deal with the specific requirements of flat roofing systems.

  1. Wolfin Tectofin singly ply membrane
  2. Torch-on & 3 layer polyester based Lead Decking & insulation systems
  3. UPVC maintenance free systems
  4. Polyester torch-on felt covering
  5. Coping stones and new Alu-flash lead alternative detail

Concrete and Clay Tiling

The use of a hardened clay tile for a roof covering dates back over four thousand years to Ancient Greece. In the twenty first century your choice of roof tile material is considerably larger; clay is still commonly used but concrete, plastic and composites are all readily available. For specialist installations glazed ceramic, wood or even integrated solar panels can be used.

  1. Concrete interlocking roof tiles
  2. Clay Roman/pantiles
  3. Concrete & clay plain roof tiles
  4. Decra and reclaimed roof tiles


From the lustrous blue grey of Burlington to the veined green of Honnister no other roofing product can match the timeless beauty of natural slate. Be it on a simple domestic dwelling to the most spectacular stately home, slate has been the roof covering of choice for hundreds of years. Even the names of slates, Countesses, Small Ladies, Doubles and Randoms are steeped in tradition. However do not think of slate as being confined to old buildings. The range of slate available makes it equally suitable for a new build as it does to restore the grandeur of an historic building.

  1. New and reclaimed
  2. Natural artificial & random
  3. Domestic, Commercial, Heritage & listed buildings
  4. Lead work, aluminium gutters, insulation
  5. Coping – all to Building Regulations

Repairs & Maintenance

Unfortunately, when it comes to the roof above their heads, some people adopt the philosophy of “out of sight – out of mind”. That is until failure of the roof causes severe damage and incurs substantial expense. The sad reality is that in many cases a small amount of preventative maintenance could avoid a large bill.

  1. All aspects of roofing repair
  2. Guttering, fascia & soffits
  3. Pointing, leadwork
  4. Slating,tiling
  5. Renovation

Heritage Works

A building that is of significance by virtue of its design, age, history or context. A building like that is an intrinsic and important part of its environment. A building, in short, of heritage.

  1. Listed buildings grade 1 & 2
  2. Churches, farms & estates
  3. Renovation & conservation projects
  4. Historical buildings
  5. Traditional materials & techniques

How We Can Help

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Maintenance free systems: UPVC guttering, fascia, soffits, aluminium guttering, rain waters etc

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